2008 Birding Festival Comments

What was the main activity that attracted you?
Prairie Chicken viewing, Guided Tours, Birding with other people.

How well did the festival fulfill your expectations?
Fulfilled all my expectations, lots of choices, pleasantly surprised by number of birds the group members immediately identified, top drawer, well organized, good topics, enjoyed knowledgeable guides, enjoyed the relaxed and casual atmosphere, friendly people, great food.

What was your favorite part of the festival?
Guided birding, getting lifers, vans and drivers, prairie chickens, wine and cheese reception, the hospitality first and foremost, meeting the good people of Kansas.

Will you make plans to attend the festival in 2010?
If I am here I definitely will, loved the location, Wakefield is Beautiful; Oh yes, oh yes, wouldn't miss it; yes, it's fun, get's me away from the house for a weekend of birding; yes, it was great; love this area and like how everyone works together.

Hi Chuck (Otte),
We enjoyed the Birding Festival very much. Here are our evaluation sheets...... we had to struggle to come up with any suggestions as our dominate feeling was we wouldn't change a thing. The logistics were unimaginable to us. Hearty congratulations on making it all work out so well. Just got a note from representative Barbie Craft, she said she enjoyed the banquet and the speaker. It ought to be required that all elected officials be exposed periodically to Dr Dave Rantoul's sense of humor.....
Thanks for everything,