2009 News Release: Kansas Birding Festival

Nature photographer David Seibel to speak at Kansas Birding Festival WAKEFIELD, Kan. – Nature photographer and noted ornithologist David Seibel will serve as the keynote speaker of the Kansas Birding Festival, which will be held in Wakefield, Kansas on April 23-25, 2010, festival organizers announced.

Seibel, who holds a Ph.D. in ornithology from the University of Kansas and is widely hailed for his work as author, poet, and popular lecturer with a passion for bird watching, will share a presentation of his avian photography at the festival’s banquet, scheduled for Saturday, April 24 2010.

“I have known David Seibel for over 15 years and never cease to be impressed by his knowledge of birds and his photographs,” said Geary County extension agent Chuck Otte, who serves as one of the festival organizers. “David brings a keen sense of humor and a rare insight of his avian photographic subjects to the podium when he makes a presentation.”

Seibel is an expert in field identification of birds based on sight and sound and has viewed nearly 400 species of birds in Kansas alone. He has also traveled to three continents, five countries, and most of the lower 48 states in his pursuit of bird photography.

Seibel’s presentation is part of a three-day birding festival that also features field trips to the many locations for bird watching in the northern Kansas Flint Hills. Attendees will have the opportunity to view prairie chickens as they perform their mating rituals in their breeding grounds, called leks. Other field trips will include visits to the Milford Wetlands, the Kansas Landscape Arboretum, the Milford Nature Center, and the Konza Prairie Biological Station.

With a diverse offering of bird-watching locations, attendees will have the opportunity to view migrating and resident birds in wetlands, wooded areas, and the tallgrass prairie environment. During the 2008 Kansas Birding Festival, bird watchers sighted over 160 species, including birds as diverse as snowy egrets, American kestrels, upland sandpipers, ospreys, bald eagles, scissor-tailed flycatchers, clay-colored sparrows, and rose-breasted grosbeaks. The festival will also feature a variety of seminars, covering topics such as Kansas raptors and the Flint Hills ecosystem.

For more information on the 2010 Kansas Birding Festival, visit the event’s Web site at HYPERLINK "http://www.kansasbirdingfestival.org" www.kansasbirdingfestival.org. For more information on keynote speaker David Seibel, visit his Web site at HYPERLINK "http://www.davidseibel.com" www.davidseibel.com.